Artist Statement

A Day in the Life 

A Participatory Art Project by Lauren Odell Usher

1. Record one day in your life.
2. Take a photograph of yourself.
3.  Tell me your favorite color.


What is a relationship?  From the past to the future, one human to the next, to an artist with the materials she uses.  Mundane moments make up the majority of our day.  Dependence on strangers occurs more than most of us would like to admit.  Every moment is significant as it leads us to the next.  Every person matters and their actions create reactions that affect the world.  My art expresses my ideas about chaos and coincidence. From the extreme mundane activities of eating, sleeping, and brushing one's teeth, to dramatic and historical events that centuries will continue to hear about, they all hold meaning. We are connected by moments in time.

I love collaboration and have a great time having randomness thrown into my process. Creating "Participatory Art Projects" that depend on someone else for certain parts keeps me on my toes. It provides me with insights that I may otherwise overlook. It connects me with my viewer by making them part of the project. It keeps the work on a level that everyone can relate to.

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