Installation Proposal

Imagine a rectangle where one side represents past moments and the other future moments.  Altogether the space becomes a room full of experiences and connections.   On the left hand walls of the gallery I intend to write, directly on the wall, each of the 263 different moments experienced between the 10 women during the project.  The size of the text will correlate with the number of women that experienced that same moment.  In the center of the room each mixed media portrait will hang from the ceiling with fishing line so the viewer can approach the work, walk around it, and watch it move as they and others interact with it. Continuing on to the right side of the room a viewer will find the “future moments” chalkboard wall that asks them to check a box next to a moment they have already experienced that day as well as add a moment that isn’t already listed. As moments, minutes, hours, and days pass during this art installation the room will grow into a space of collected moments and memories.

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  1. Wow! This sounds like such an inspiration and moving exhibit! My fingers are crossed for you.