Info. for Participants

Hello Art Project Participant!

First and foremost, thank you a million times over for volunteering for this art project. Without you, there would be no art. So, thanks.

Here are the instructions for this project.

1. Send me a photograph of you. Just a note, please make it of you and only you. And, a close up works better than a full shot.

So, this works better

Than this

2.  Tell me your favorite color.  If it is complicated, send me an image of it so I can try to get as close as possible.

3. Record one day in your life from waking up to going to sleep.  I don't care what size or color paper you use.  Please write it in your native language and then send me the translation to English when you mail it to me.

4. Make sure to sign and send a model release to me when you send your "daily recordings." CLICK HERE for a Model Release.

All questions can be directed to me via email: lauren[at!]laurenusher[dot!]com

Thank you participants!